The History of Denrai

Heian Period(794-1185)ˇżKobo Daishi Kukai returned home from the Chinese Tang Dynasty. He introduced state-of-the-art bronze casting technology. The Denrai casting technology group was established in Kadono, Kyoto, inheriting this technology. Thereafter, the best pupil in the group with the highest skills succeeded Denrai.


In the year 805, Kobo Daishi Kukai returned home from the Chinese Tang Dynasty and introduced new casting technologies for statues of Buddha and Buddhist objects, as well as introducing the Singon Religious Sect. Since that time, Denrai shaped history, acting as the key to wax pattern casting in Kyoto in the Heian period. The name "descendent type" for Buddhist objects used today is a generic term used for the continental, classic style and its name and origin are the same as Denrai, which has succeeded mainstream copper objects.

The History of Denrai

Succession of Casting TechnologiesCasting technologies were particularly emphasized among the various cultures and civilizations that came from the continent as state-of-the-art technologies and people with sophisticated technologies were granted the honorific title of Cast Metal Meister and were received warmly. In these technology groups, the best pupil was the person with the best skills and inherited the name Denrai and thus inherited the tradition of the Cast Meister in Kadono, Yamashiro County.

A Casting technologies have produced a variety of different technological diversions, including changes in the design and use of brass, but Denrai continued to use the classic design and mainstream copper objects and delivered armor and objects to Toji Temple, Nishi Honganji Temple and other temples.

Casting and Modern Technology among many casting technologies, the wax-pattern casting method in particular results in fine, artistic products thanks to its fine plastic properties.

These characteristics developed into modern precision casting methods, including today's lost-wax casting and investment casting, which are skillfully applied to technologies for producing precise, rigid structures that can withstand severe conditions of high temperature, high pressure and high-speed revolutions, such as turbine plates in jet engines. Present day Denrai is starting with the wax-pattern casting of statues of Buddha and Buddhist objects, we are now casting modern mechanical parts and producing contemporary arts and crafts as well as architectural metal fixtures. Today, Denrai has assumed its own position in the industry as a unique enterprise that handles a vast amount of processes, including planning, industrial design, product design and production, to the installation of shaped articles and architectural arts and crafts. Denrai is now creating a new tradition while positively introducing new technologies and new materials.