The Policy of DENRAI

Create something new and different Denrai Creator, nurtured in Kyoto,the spiritual home of Japan.Aim for a rich heart and a rich life by polishing your knowledge and skill.Create things, that we will be proud to pass on to future generations.


Art Presenter

Make Dream for all through artistic presentation.

Good Company For People° Caring Company°ň

Our aim is to be good for all concerned with DENRAI.

DENRAI for Dreams

A company where dreams become reality.

Denrai Kohbo's Three Values

The"Customer First" principle

Customer first means giving 120% satisfaction to customers' needs. Then, why customer first? We at Denrai can thrive only with our customers' support of our products, and we shall perish if we were to lose our customers' support. Therefore, we must remember that the customers' needs are never stagnant. It is realizing the customers' dreams for things that"would be nice to have." We must design and create customers' dreams. When we offer such a dream product with quality and within the customers' delivery timeframe and cost requirement, we can break through the horizon of ground for satisfying 120% of our customers' needs. This, however, has met only the needs of the customer. People will always be looking at the character of Denrai. Only when we serve our customers with courtesy and sincerity, can we earn smiles and high valuation from our customers' and ultimately satisfy their needs 120%.

The"Quality First" principle

Quality first gives Denrai 120% reason for its existence. Then, why quality First? We at Denrai can excel in the world, only when our products realize profits for our customers, and we shall be discarded if we do not take their profits into consideration. Therefore, in such a case, our customers' profits are not limited simply to mere earnings°› it also refers to the possible realization of what our customers are dreaming of. We must bring our customers' dreams into reality, and when we make it ultimate goal, we can break ground for realizing our customers' profits 100%. This, however, has only brought mere earnings. People are always looking at the group called Denrai. We are a creative group nurtured in Kyoto. Only when we continue to supply high quality products, which do not shame Kyoto's tradition, can we realize our customers' dreams and profits. Only then, quality first gives Denrai 120% reason for its existence.

The"Environment Conscious" principle

This is our day - to - day efforts for practicing the"Customer First"and°»Quality First°…principles. Then why "Environment Conscious"? We at Denrai are accepted in the world, only when we obtain the smiles and good evaluations from our customers, and realize there dreams and profits. In such sense, Denrai that people see does not stop at its products; they see Denrai the environment. A pure Denrai, an orderly Denrai, a safe Denrai, a Denrai that is thorough in sanitation control, and a Denrai that is disciplined. This is the Denrai that can bring satisfaction to our customers and produce high quality products. Therefore, discipline, cleanliness, orderliness, safety and sanitation are maintenance items that Denrai ought to fulfill day - to - day for its environment.